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Camminando insieme n.4

    Constructing social ecology culture together
    The dance of the stages of life in the complexity of communities and the world
    The Beauty of Life
    Referred to the video of the same name, The Beauty of Life
    December 2018


    The short film made by young ARCAT Verona members illustrated the stages of life transitioning from infancy to old age, highlighting the obstacles that can interfere with the growth of the individual and how it is possible to overcome them.
    ACAT is a non-profit association operating throughout Italy (AICAT) and worldwide (WACAT), continuing Professor V. Hudolin’s methodologies in the fight against alcohol-related problems.

    A note from the director

    We gave long thought to the title The Beauty of Life, which can be as simple as it can be very complex. Initially we met to create a storyboard, to outline the main scenes, dialogues and music that would make it possible to create a video depicting the reality of the ACAT association and this wonderful group of young people, a group of which I am also a part.
    It was exciting to see more than ten people coming into my small studio: people of all ages who worked as actors with huge enthusiasm.
    Choosing the scenes together, synchronizing them with the music that I considered most suitable, was a complex, enriching task both from the technical and human point of view. We got to know each other better and worked together to achieve a united result we were all happy with.
    Our presentations at the end of the video successfully convey the mood that permeated the shoot thanks to Aaron Copland’s triumphal music, which underscored the fundamental self-irony.

    Fabio Guadagni

    Carlo, Fabio, Martina, Nicola.
    Alessandro, Carlo and his father, Lorenzo, Diana, Luciano, Silvia”

    Fabio Guadagni Camminando Insieme4 001
    Fabio Guadagni Camminando Insieme4 002