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Publications and Critique

1st Biennale of the Normanni

Effetto ArteInternational Art ExpoWork on page 397Art Now MediaPalermo2020 “The Mystery Beyond the Curtain” (“Everyday Magic” series), 2019 Photograph (controlled motion in pose B, print on cotton paper) mounted on a rigid support with a black border 77×100 cm

Verona comunica

Saturday 3 December 2011Verona2011 “Domestic Melancholia is the title of Fabio Guadagni’s photographic project of interiors whose inertia is altered by sunlight, creating a subtle dynamism and casting a magic spell over banal daily life: melancholy, in the noblest sense… Read More »Verona comunica

Colore n. 69

Quaderni di Cultura e Progetto del colorefrom Massimo Caiazzo’s Il colore delle ombreimage on page 85Milan2011

State of the Arts

Vittorio SgarbiAcademies of Fine Arts, State of the ArtsWork on page 207Skira Editore S.p.a.Milan2011 “Il salotto” (Domestic Melancholia series), 2010 Photograph (analogue, colour print directly from medium-size negative) mounted on an aluminium frame, 30 x 30 cm

Dove va la città

Obiettivi puntati sull’Italia che cambiaFotografia a pagina 178Lupetti | Editori di comunicazioneMilano2006 “A winter evening lost in deep fog and the statues of Father Calabria helping destitute children” Fabio GuadagniVerona2006