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Highlights 2007-2008

    GlaxoSmithKline S.p.a. – Accademia di Belle Arti G. B. Cignaroli and Scuola Brenzoni, Verona
    by Mauro Fiorese referred to The Up-Down Spiral of Life


    In mathematics, a spiral is a curve that winds around a specific central point progressively approaching or distancing from it, depending on how it is travelled. And if it is true that a curve indicates a non-rectilinear object, then the work of Fabio Guadagni leads us to learn about a path in his life which he travels as a non-linear, perhaps even tortuous, stretch of road. Indeed, looking at images like Moon-lake Spiral or Rock-Spiral, it seems almost that the journey itself is the pivot around which the images of this young, sensitive author quite literally turn. A journey he undertakes without the need to reach geographically distant destinations but with the desire to explore a much closer and deeply mysterious terrain: himself.
    An author who seeks the meaning of his existence in the everyday sphere and makes it visible to our eyes through images that do not try, really, to explain something more to those looking at them, but rather seek to suggest sensations and emotions he has experienced in person.
    Compared to previous projects, like Domestic Melancholia, where Guadagni seemed to rediscover spaces of ordinary life, and Towards the Light, a work characterised by deep spirituality and the quest for a new inner light – here we perceive the almost physical force of the spiral of life that seems to engulf the events which the author finds himself witnessing in person. It is the strength of courage that opposes the inevitability of events to make this work special, however. A little David fighting the giant Goliath and unexpectedly triumphing precisely because he does not try to use physical resistance to a force that would otherwise overwhelm him – he ponders and finds an intelligent, creative solution. Just like Guadagni who, at a time of life when we often feel powerless and vulnerable, reacts as we would expect from any self-respecting artist: in a personal way, with sensitive delicacy and with a technically innovative language that makes us fall in love with his work – research still in progress – as it gently sweeps us away.

    Mauro Fiorese

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